Fraiser Walk 2017

Last weekend we went to the Fraiser Walk for Autism at the Mall of America.  Its a walk to raise awareness and funds for familys with Autism.  This was our second year particpating in the walk, so we were really looking forward to it. Sophie and Mason loved walking around to the different centers to learn.  Their favorite was the thearapy animals.  They spent alot of time petting the different dogs and bunnies.  There was also a games section and spot to do arts and crafts.  We spent about an hour walking around and checking things out.  The kids are already asking about next year.


After the walk concluded Bethany and I took the kids into the Nickelodeon Universe Theme park.  We spent about an hour riding rides and the kids had a blast, Mason’s favorite was the Dora rollercoaster and Sophie loved the Bubble Guppies spinning ride.  It was a really fun day with family.

Mason’s 3rd Birthday Week

Mason’s Birthday was on Sunday the 13th, so we celebrated by having Chase and Carson over to open a few presents and eat Mason’s cookie cake.  He got a few tools and some gears, so he was pretty excited.

On Saturday we had his official birthday party with some of our family.  Mason had a blast being the birthday boy.  He was very excited to get a PawPatrol birthday cake and open his gifts.  He got some books, puzzles, clothes and a jack hammer.  With all these tools, I’m hopeful he can start building an edition for us soon.

Here are some pictures and videos from the parties.



Have a great week ahead!

-The Girtlers


Fun day in Minneapolis 

Today we spent the day in Minneapolis with Shawnie and Elliot. It was a great time. 

We arrived around 10:30 and got to see their new house. It’s in the North Loop in Minneapolis, very close to Target Field and lots of great restaurants and breweries. We sat and visited for a bit then went to freehouse for lunch. 

Shot from their deck

After we ate we went to the Como Park Zoo. The kids had a blast looking at the polar bears, sea lions, lions, tigers, monkeys and giraffes. Sophie even fed a giraffe a lettuce leaf. I could have stayed and watched the Polar Bear float on his back all day, he looked very relaxed. 

We left the Zoo and went to Hyland park to play and burn of some of the sugar the kids consumed at the zoo. Hyland park has a great play area with lots of slides and climbing areas. The kids ran all over and were pretty tied out. Sophie wants to go back again soon. 

It was a full day and we had a blast. I’m so thankful for time together with family. 
Have a great rest of your weekend and week to come!

Lunchtime Run

I haven’t ran over lunch in a while, probably over a week. I had this great plan to get ready for the Trinona Triathlon, but I didn’t take the time to see it though. I always had something going on at work and I wasn’t able to get away. On saturday I sliced my fingure on a knife so I haven’t ben able to get in the water all weekend. My grand ambitions of swimming 4 times this week didn’t happen, so I am once again just going to have to wing it. I am glad that the swim is only about 400 yards.

It felt really good to get out and run today, and I need to do it more often. I feel so much better when I do and it help me focus on eating better, which is something I also need to do more of. I hope to get in the water tomorrow in the morning and get a quick swim in before the triathalon on Sunday.

I ran around a bit at the end because I want to get a 5K in. I took it pretty slow overall and kept my HR down in the 170s. This was really just a get back into it run, not trying to prove anything, just getting out, enjoying it, and clearing my head.

Thanks for reading!

Out for a Walk

On Tuesday it was a really nice night, so after dinner we went for a walk, but this time I was pushing the kids in the B.O.B. For the most part they don’t mind it, but towards the end of the walk Sophie was complaining that her booty hurt and Mason was just plain over it. I was able to take a quick picture of them looking very relaxed. Below the picture is the Strava data from the workout.



Jesus Loves Me

Today at the 10:30 service at First Lutheran, Sophie and her fellow Sunday School students sang Jesus Loves Me in front of the whole congregation. They all did a great job.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!


Sophie’s Dance Recital

A few weekends ago, Sophie had her first dance recital at Viterbo University.  Sophie has been taking dance lessons from Misty’s dance studio in Onalaska.  She and her fellow TreeHouse classmates go to Misty’s once a week on Monday’s for dance practice.

Sophie did an amazing job and we could tell she enjoyed doing it, she is a natural. Bethany and I were so proud of her.

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