Growing So Fast

Sophie is growing up pretty fast on us. She has started being very vocal taking her cooing and ooing to a higher decibel, sometimes even surprising herself with her accomplishment. She loves her play mat and is content to lay there and talk to Oscar the Octopus or look at the Christmas tree. She really enjoys looking at the lights on the Christmas tree or the garland in the bay window. There are a two smaller shiny trees that she enjoys looking at as well. This is a good time of year for light stimulation!

She is sitting up well as you can see in the picture with the highchair. We put it in more of a sitting position because we noticed she was straining to sit up straighter when we had it laying back a few notches. We also put the tray on it so she could have her toys there with her and to keep her from sliding down. She loves her Firefly and Lulu toys and she will grab at them and squeeze them so they make crunchy noises. She is a very content and happy baby.

You may have noticed the onesie that she is in. While I believe 25 is overkill, I think you get the point. 🙂

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