Time to Play catch up


Lots has happen in the last few months, The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl for the 2010 season, we are getting new siding on our house in April, and the 2011 MLB season is underway. 

I was really excided when the Packers won the Super Bowl.  It was a very interesting season.  The Packers really started their playoffs 2 weeks earlier because they had to win their last two regular season games in order to get into the playoffs.  So it was do or die for them for 6 weeks straight.  Their last two games of the regular season were against The New York Giants and the Chicago Bears.  They were able to handle the Giants fairly easily, but the Bears gave them a bit of trouble.  You could sense the Bears, who already won the NFC North, didn’t want to face the Packers in the playoffs.  They played well and the Packers were able to pull out a win.  The packers faced the Eagles in the wildcard round in the playoffs.  They played the game in Philly.  Mike Vick put made it interesting but the Packers pulled it off.  In the conference round of the Packers faced Atlanta, the number one seed for the NFC.  The game was in Atlanta.  I thought this game was Aaron Rodgers coming out party, he put on a clinic. Not only that, the defense put on a show as well.  It was a fun game to watch because the Packers had control of the game the entire time.  Finally the Packers went on the road to Chicago, the game that the Bears didn’t want to see.  It was a typical day in Chicago, cold and windy.  The Packers played well and had Cutlers number.  It didn’t take long until he was on the sideline and finally out of the game.  The second string took about 6 total snaps, all incomplete passes.  Finally the third string Haine came in, and gave me a heck of a scare.  He gave the Packers a run for their money.  I don’t think that the defense had scouted the 3rd string QB and didn’t know what to bring at him.  He made a few mistakes, but over all played very well, especially considering that it was a game NFC Championship game.  While it was a close game, the Packers won it.  The Super Bowl was a fun game to watch, the Packers played the Steelers in the new Dallas Stadium (Jerry’s World).  The Packers started out great forcing fumbles and pressuring Ben into making bad decisions, including a Tramon Williams pick 6.  But the Steelers are a veteran team, and they came back in the second half closing it to 3 points in the 4th quarter.  Rodgers put a carreer defining drive together, but the Packers had to settle for 3 to put them up by 6.  Ben had less than 1 minute and a half to drive 80 yards with one time out, something he could easily do, and would love to do it in the Super Bowl, but on a critical 4th down the Packer defense shut them down, like they had all year.  It was a great ending to an exciting season.

We signed a contract this past week for new siding on our house.  The company is looking at starting the job in mid April and it should take about 2 weeks.  They are doing the siding, soffits and fascia.  They are also adding 3/4 inch ridged foam and a 1/4 inch insulation underneath the siding, so I am hoping that will help with the “draftyness” of this older home.  We are also getting new gutters on the house, the current ones are too small and are no use.  We are planning on doing landscaping around the house and I don’t want that to die because the gutters are not functional.  I will post pictures of the process as they are doing it.  We are both very excited for this.

Finally the MLB 2011 season starts tomorrow and I cannot wait.  The Twins are looking to three-peat the AL central, and I am hoping they can.

Thanks for reading,