Monday Run

Turning 30 was a big milestone in my life and I decided I was sick of being out of shape; I was also a father now so I have to live for more than myself.  In a year from now I am going to be chasing a one year old around and if I can’t keep up, I will be as disappointed in myself as she will be.  So I decided to start running and spinning.  I have to say its going well, when I started back in early December I could barely run 10 minute miles on the course below and now I am averaging 8:30’s.  I feel there is room for improvement as I am never satisfied in anything that I do, so I am excited to see what continues from here.

Other than the speed changes, my over all mental heath has changed to, at least I feel like it has.  I am more motivated than I have been in a while and more confident at work.  I just wish I would have started this earlier, but I am happy that I did at all.


I will continue to post pictures and times of Sophie, after all, that is why most of you come here, but every once in a while I will touch on the work outs, mostly to keep myself going in the right direction.