Como Zoo

On Saturday we went to the Como Zoo in Minneapolis. It was a cloudy day, we didn’t get any rain so it helped to keep the crowd numbers low. This was Sophie’s first trip to a where she could run around and look at the animals. She was most excited about the bears, lions and tigers; reminding Bethany at bedtime on Friday night that the bears “ROAR”! When we got there we had lunch and then walked around. Most of the animals were inside so we were able to get very close to them. Sophie liked the Lions, Tigers and Bears, but they were kind of boring and sleepy. The Seals were moving and swimming around, so Sophie really enjoyed watching them and screeching with delight when they would pop out of the water or swim up next to the glass. I think they were putting on a show.

Como is a great zoo and we had a lot of fun and great memories.