Lunchtime Run

I haven’t ran over lunch in a while, probably over a week. I had this great plan to get ready for the Trinona Triathlon, but I didn’t take the time to see it though. I always had something going on at work and I wasn’t able to get away. On saturday I sliced my fingure on a knife so I haven’t ben able to get in the water all weekend. My grand ambitions of swimming 4 times this week didn’t happen, so I am once again just going to have to wing it. I am glad that the swim is only about 400 yards.

It felt really good to get out and run today, and I need to do it more often. I feel so much better when I do and it help me focus on eating better, which is something I also need to do more of. I hope to get in the water tomorrow in the morning and get a quick swim in before the triathalon on Sunday.

I ran around a bit at the end because I want to get a 5K in. I took it pretty slow overall and kept my HR down in the 170s. This was really just a get back into it run, not trying to prove anything, just getting out, enjoying it, and clearing my head.

Thanks for reading!