Sophie’s 4th Birthday Celebration

This was truly a birthday week for Sophie!  It started on Wednesday, with bringing treats for her friends at school.  Sophie wanted cupcakes for her friends, so we went to Festival to get them.  Sophie picked out the ones that she wanted, but they needed something more.  Thankfully the bakery at Festival sold cupcake topper (rings), however that meant some assembly required.  Sophie was very proud of her work, and rightfully so.


On Thursday (her actual Birthday) we brought the treats to School, and they had Sophie’s birthday sign outside on the door, Sophie was very excited to see it and get her picture taken next to it!



Thursday night, with Bethany working the kids stayed up late until she got home so we could celebrate Sophie’s birthday as a family.  We picked up a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake for her and opened a few presents.  It was a quick celebration, but we enjoyed being able to celebrate it together.

This past weekend we celebrated Sophie’s 4th birthday up north in Tomahawk. Sophie was so blessed to have her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousin Shiloh all together to celebrate with her. The weekend was packed with playing outside, going for ‘ice cream by boat’ and having everyone together. As you can see, Sophie had a great Birthday weekend! We are so proud of the person she is growing up to be, but if time could slow a bit, I would be ok with that.