Mason’s 3rd Birthday Week

Mason’s Birthday was on Sunday the 13th, so we celebrated by having Chase and Carson over to open a few presents and eat Mason’s cookie cake.  He got a few tools and some gears, so he was pretty excited.

On Saturday we had his official birthday party with some of our family.  Mason had a blast being the birthday boy.  He was very excited to get a PawPatrol birthday cake and open his gifts.  He got some books, puzzles, clothes and a jack hammer.  With all these tools, I’m hopeful he can start building an edition for us soon.

Here are some pictures and videos from the parties.



Have a great week ahead!

-The Girtlers


Out for a Walk

On Tuesday it was a really nice night, so after dinner we went for a walk, but this time I was pushing the kids in the B.O.B. For the most part they don’t mind it, but towards the end of the walk Sophie was complaining that her booty hurt and Mason was just plain over it. I was able to take a quick picture of them looking very relaxed. Below the picture is the Strava data from the workout.



Mason’s First Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we celebrated Masons First Birthday.  His actual birthday is November 13th, but we finally had a weekend where most of the family could get together.  We had fun and I think Mason had a good day too.



I hope you had a good weekend.